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Mercedes-Benz AG - FOSS Manifesto

The Mercedes-Benz AG - FOSS Center of Competence and the CIO,

  • RESOLVED to incorporate Free and Open Source Software in our daily software development to improve the quality of our software as well as the speed of delivery,

  • DESIRING to be an active member in Open Source communities to benefit company, employee, and customer,

  • CONFIRMING the will to pave the road for their realization,

  • HAVE DECIDED to establish these FOSS guiding principles:

Company Principles

  1. Mercedes-Benz shall support and encourage its employees to use, contribute to, and create FOSS projects both in Open and Inner Source endeavors. [Encourage FOSS]

  2. Mercedes-Benz shall allow the appropriate time for its employees to participate in FOSS activities. [Facilitate FOSS Participation]

  3. Mercedes-Benz shall encourage and facilitate learning and advancement of its employees through FOSS activities. [Advancement through FOSS]

  4. Mercedes-Benz shall promote visibility in Open Source communities. [FOSS Visibility]

Employee Principles

  1. An engineer shall look for Open and Inner Source alternatives before writing custom code or using proprietary alternatives. [Prefer FOSS]

  2. An engineer shall strive to be active in the Inner Source communities. [Active FOSS Citizen]

  3. An engineer shall contribute to Open Source projects within the scope of his or her day-to-day work. [Contribute FOSS]

  4. Any employee shall always act responsibly in Open and Inner Source communities, with care and respect in both content and communication, in order to uphold a positive image for both himself / herself and the company. [Responsible FOSS Citizen]

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